Friday, November 12, 2010

The Holidays

Well Hello. It's been a while. Genevieve is doing very very well. She is all over the place, finally comfortable walking and climbing and getting into well, everything! We moved into a house not long after my last post, and it is amazing how much everyones attitudes have changed... mainly Genevieve and Kingston (our chihuahua). Everyone is alot happier with the extra space, and of course Kingston LOVES the yard.

Genevieve had fun on halloween. She was a little "dragonfly" (according to Old Navy). She enjoyed raiding Grandma Jody's smarties bowl. And playing with Grandpa. We didn't go trick or treating, just visited with a handful of family members. She was so proud of her wings and wand, and anytime she heard music she would dance.

Cant forget that we carved pumpkins too. I cleaned out the guts and Genevieve would stuff them back in the pumpkin!!! Little stinker. I cut some simple stars out of her pumpkin and then let her finger paint the pumpkin. And with exactly my luck we got a TON of rain the next few days and all the paint was washed off. It was a great memory though for us.

We also got to see our Colorado EHK friends in October again. They came for a followup at the Mayo Clinic. Words cannot even begin to express how much that family means to me. Without Jenny, I feel I'd be lost. We are in this EHK battle together with different children. Jeremiah is 2 months younger and much more severe than Genevieve, but I love that we can still understand and know what one another are going through. I know I always have a friend to listen and understand. They are not just friends, they are definitely family to us.

Jeremiah and Genevieve October 2010

and I'll leave you with a cute picture of Genevieve and her baby stroller.