Tuesday, July 28, 2009

please pray for little Stellan

His little heart is not doing well. He needs our prayers now. If you don't follow his blog, follow it now. He, and his family, are truly amazing and inspirational.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

News Story

This story was brought to my attention by another family with EHK.

It really explains EHK in terms that everyone can understand.

She's on the move!

Well sort of. haha. Genevieve has started to roll from her belly to her back, successfully. Which makes physical therapy exercises a pain in the butt! The second you get her to her belly to do tummy time she wants to roll over! Little stinker.

She had an Xray done last week because they were afraid she had hip dysplasia... but we got the call yesterday and everything looks great. we just have a stubborn little girl who doesnt like to lay her legs straight lol.

She is continuing to make great strides with physical therapy. she LOVES tummy time and screams when you flip her back over, even if she's fussing. She is sitting up almost by herself... she'll be doing it in no time. I have confidence. She also loves to sit up. She gets super excited.

I also cannot believe how much she talks. talk talk talk. that's all she does! It's adorable.

She's also becoming shy. She just loves to cuddle when I'm holding her and we are around new people (or just people in general). She cuddles her cute little face as close to my chest as possible and doesnt want to look at people, and hangs on for dear life.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So I am a very proud mama

The improvement Genevieve has made in the last week blows me away. She didnt have physical therapy this week because her PT was out of town... so we've been working very hard on her exercises. Man oh man, she's doing great. I can actually hold her to my chest with one hand and not fear her falling backwards because she cant hold her head. She will do tummy more than once a day without fussing. She actually will lift her head and look around and move her arms and put them back under chest. She will do tummy time both with a boppy and without and have just as much improvement both ways. She pulls on your hands now when you pull on her arms to pull her up to sit up. Where before you felt horrible because you were simply pulling on her arms and she couldnt fight you back about it. She can almost sit up all on her own. She will sit in her jumperoo and hold her head up and look at toys and try to play, where before she would be unhappy and rest her head on the side because she couldnt hold it. All this improvement in the last week. I am so incredibly proud of her.

Viv had a check up on Friday.. just a quick one to see how her reflux meds are working. Things look great. She is up to 15 pounds 1.5 ounces!! She's getting so big! :) Her pediatrician is a little concerned about her right hip. Therapy seems to only be correcting one of them, so if it's still a concern at her 6 month check up in August, we are going to schedule an ultrasound to be done on her hip to just check things out. With her improvement in the last week, I doubt it will be needed.

Oh and we started oatmeal! She's still iffy on it though haha.

and she's a thumb sucker now!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

hold me close

these are the moments i wake up for

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We started Viv's very first tradition, that we hope to do every year with her. We went up north for the 4th, and Andy's family was up as well. We (me, andy and viv) had a few issues with the resort we stayed at... but got lucky with his family being at a different resort. (...we had no cold water... it spit more air than water). We went up Friday and got there late evening. Saturday (the 4th), Andy and I were hoping to sleep in, but didn't get to. We headed into town with Viv and searched for his family before the parade. Viv of course fell asleep in her stroller, but woke up just before it. She really seemed to enjoy the parade, it was exciting for me. haha. We hung out the rest of the day at the resort Andy's family was at. Viv's little cousin, Vinnie and Vern, got to play with her a lot. Little Vern was such a great helper when it came to Viv's bandages. She would sit next to Andy and would shake Viv's rattles for her everytime she got upset. It really helped a lot. And while Viv and I were doing her bath, Vern sat on the other side of the tub and told us stories :) When it came time to go to fireworks, we all walked over there (6 adults, 3 kids) and sat on our blankets. By the time the fireworks started, all three kids were sound asleep on laps. They slept straight through them! Viv barely even jumped at the loud ones! Little stinkers. Viv seriously slept for about 12 hours last night! And when Andy and I woke up this morning, she wasnt even crying, she was talking to herself. We checked out of our room today, spent a few more hours with Andy's family then headed home. Viv did awesome with the 4 hour drive there and the 4 hour drive back home. She was in a great mood all weekend too. It was a much needed weekend away for all 3 of us and I'm glad we got to go. :)

asleep at her very first parade. 4th of July.

Mom and Viv @ the parade

With her cousins on the 4th of July. Vinnie, Viv and Vern.

Tuckered out after her busy weekend. Just before loading her up in the car to drive home.

Now for this week, I am relieved to say we only have one doctors appointment. It's an easy appointment too! We have a check in with her pediatrician for her reflux and that is it. A week off from physical therapy, so I will definitly be working on her exercises at home with her a little extra. And Friday night will be Viv's very first car cruise. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

another proud moment.

not the greatest picture but she was happy in her jumperoo! She even tried bouncing and giggled! She lasted about 10 - 15 minutes instead of her normal 2 minutes of straight crying!!!

she even did tummy time again :)