Sunday, July 5, 2009

We started Viv's very first tradition, that we hope to do every year with her. We went up north for the 4th, and Andy's family was up as well. We (me, andy and viv) had a few issues with the resort we stayed at... but got lucky with his family being at a different resort. (...we had no cold water... it spit more air than water). We went up Friday and got there late evening. Saturday (the 4th), Andy and I were hoping to sleep in, but didn't get to. We headed into town with Viv and searched for his family before the parade. Viv of course fell asleep in her stroller, but woke up just before it. She really seemed to enjoy the parade, it was exciting for me. haha. We hung out the rest of the day at the resort Andy's family was at. Viv's little cousin, Vinnie and Vern, got to play with her a lot. Little Vern was such a great helper when it came to Viv's bandages. She would sit next to Andy and would shake Viv's rattles for her everytime she got upset. It really helped a lot. And while Viv and I were doing her bath, Vern sat on the other side of the tub and told us stories :) When it came time to go to fireworks, we all walked over there (6 adults, 3 kids) and sat on our blankets. By the time the fireworks started, all three kids were sound asleep on laps. They slept straight through them! Viv barely even jumped at the loud ones! Little stinkers. Viv seriously slept for about 12 hours last night! And when Andy and I woke up this morning, she wasnt even crying, she was talking to herself. We checked out of our room today, spent a few more hours with Andy's family then headed home. Viv did awesome with the 4 hour drive there and the 4 hour drive back home. She was in a great mood all weekend too. It was a much needed weekend away for all 3 of us and I'm glad we got to go. :)

asleep at her very first parade. 4th of July.

Mom and Viv @ the parade

With her cousins on the 4th of July. Vinnie, Viv and Vern.

Tuckered out after her busy weekend. Just before loading her up in the car to drive home.

Now for this week, I am relieved to say we only have one doctors appointment. It's an easy appointment too! We have a check in with her pediatrician for her reflux and that is it. A week off from physical therapy, so I will definitly be working on her exercises at home with her a little extra. And Friday night will be Viv's very first car cruise. :)


  1. Anna, I'm glad you, Viv and Andy had some great time together and with his family. You really needed to have something different in your daily regime. Viv, keep going! Be healthier and stronger every day! Go, little girl, go!

  2. It sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I'll bet Viv loved her first trip away, it sure sounds like it ;) Good for you guys!