Saturday, July 11, 2009

So I am a very proud mama

The improvement Genevieve has made in the last week blows me away. She didnt have physical therapy this week because her PT was out of town... so we've been working very hard on her exercises. Man oh man, she's doing great. I can actually hold her to my chest with one hand and not fear her falling backwards because she cant hold her head. She will do tummy more than once a day without fussing. She actually will lift her head and look around and move her arms and put them back under chest. She will do tummy time both with a boppy and without and have just as much improvement both ways. She pulls on your hands now when you pull on her arms to pull her up to sit up. Where before you felt horrible because you were simply pulling on her arms and she couldnt fight you back about it. She can almost sit up all on her own. She will sit in her jumperoo and hold her head up and look at toys and try to play, where before she would be unhappy and rest her head on the side because she couldnt hold it. All this improvement in the last week. I am so incredibly proud of her.

Viv had a check up on Friday.. just a quick one to see how her reflux meds are working. Things look great. She is up to 15 pounds 1.5 ounces!! She's getting so big! :) Her pediatrician is a little concerned about her right hip. Therapy seems to only be correcting one of them, so if it's still a concern at her 6 month check up in August, we are going to schedule an ultrasound to be done on her hip to just check things out. With her improvement in the last week, I doubt it will be needed.

Oh and we started oatmeal! She's still iffy on it though haha.

and she's a thumb sucker now!


  1. So precious! Anna, you are doing such a fantastic job with Genevieve! She's such a pretty little girl. :) I am really glad PT and exercises are helping so much.

  2. Isn't it the greatest feeling when they start doing new things?! Way to go, Viv!! Yay!