Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She's on the move!

Well sort of. haha. Genevieve has started to roll from her belly to her back, successfully. Which makes physical therapy exercises a pain in the butt! The second you get her to her belly to do tummy time she wants to roll over! Little stinker.

She had an Xray done last week because they were afraid she had hip dysplasia... but we got the call yesterday and everything looks great. we just have a stubborn little girl who doesnt like to lay her legs straight lol.

She is continuing to make great strides with physical therapy. she LOVES tummy time and screams when you flip her back over, even if she's fussing. She is sitting up almost by herself... she'll be doing it in no time. I have confidence. She also loves to sit up. She gets super excited.

I also cannot believe how much she talks. talk talk talk. that's all she does! It's adorable.

She's also becoming shy. She just loves to cuddle when I'm holding her and we are around new people (or just people in general). She cuddles her cute little face as close to my chest as possible and doesnt want to look at people, and hangs on for dear life.

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