Friday, September 18, 2009

update with lots of pictures

Genevieve is doing very well. We brought her in to her pediatrician to have cultures done on her feet and by the time we got in, her feet looked great and no longer needed to be cultured. So we took that time to just ask questions. Found out more warning signs to watch out for with infections. What hospital we should bring her to. What would happen if we brought her in to the hospital. Asked more questions about the "what ifs" she got chicken pox. We ask a lot of questions all the time haha. Physical therapy is going great still. Genevieve actually fell asleep at the last session. Our PT had her laying on her belly on the swing, with her knees under her body, and Genevieve just mustve been exhausted. We recently decided to switch from Aquaphor to using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. It's just like a thick lotion. Her skin is look AHHHHMAZING! Her heels even look great. With the Aquaphor it looked like hard skin on her heels and felt like a shell on her heels. With the Cetaphil they are actually soft! :) The redness of her skin is going down as well. She seems comfortable with it and since her skin is looking amazing we will stick to Cetaphil now.

We have our Genetics Screening on Tuesday. Pretty much they are just talking to us about all of the Genetic factors and discuss the testing with us so we can make a decision if we want to do the Genetic Testing. Although, we already know we want to. They called me yesterday to get family history. I had smart ass comments I wanted to make to some of them, like if my brothers didnt have kids by choice or infertility. And if Andy and I were related. Yup they asked that. It was a good thing I was at my brothers house when they called and that my mom was there. I did not know very much about our family health history, nor did I know ages of some of my deceased relatives.

We had my cousins wedding last weekend. Genevieve was great through the whole thing. She stayed up partying til 11:30pm too lol. Little Stinker. A lot of my family who had not had the opportunity to see her, got to, so that was nice. She was very well behaved, and insisted on screaming bloody murder through the best man's speech lol.

She has also had her first experience sitting in a public high chair. Andy and I decided to go to Perkins for breakfast (something we did almost every weekend up until Viv was born) and she did really well in it. Then I decided to sit her on my lap and Andy gave her a tiny piece of my muffin. She started to choke, I got it out, then she threw up all over me! But she didn't seem phased by it, and I'm glad she's ok.


  1. That's great!! I was thinking of you & was going to ask how her feet were doing. Sounds like the Cetaphil is the way to go, you must be relieved about that!
    Cute pictures, too! :)

  2. She's looking great! I love all the photos!Is that you in the second pic with her? If so - man! I wish I were that thin again! LOL!

    Don't be insulted about the genetics. I had to fill out a 20-page form, and was also asked if hubby and I were 'sanguinous'...(shudder). I also had to list each family member's health issues - my father is one of 15 kids! And I have about 30 cousins! It was NOT fun.....

    Glad to hear Cetaphil is working. I have EDS-hypermobility, and have used Cetaphil at my 'worst' - when my skin looked like a smooth shell. Cetaphil, and a lovely cream called Lipobase.

  3. Yea we needed all of our extended family history as well. I had no idea to much of it, but tracked it all down. we had the blood work done and should receive results in about 6-8 wks.

    and yes that is me in the second picture.

    thanks for checking in :)