Friday, October 9, 2009

color changes.

Genevieve is doing well. We had PT today, and I discussed my concerns with her crawling, so we are now going to focus on getting her to stand and then walk. New exercises are always fun. Her PT couldnt get over how big and old she looked today, I'm pretty sure it was only because she (Viv) was finally in a onesie and pants, and not a sleeper like she has always been in. But who knows. She is now 8 months old (as of yesterday). I have no idea, what so ever, where the last 8 months went. The build up on her face is really becoming noticeable now that it's changing colors. :( I tried to gently rub the build up on her cheek the other night while in the tub, and the next morning her cheek had a blister :( she took a tumble the other day while sitting on the floor and scratched her forehead against one of her toys (you can see the sore on her forehead in the picture), she cried for a few seconds, but she's a tough girl.


  1. Anna, no matter what Viv is beautiful!!! Her eyers and smile are gorgeous!

  2. Ya, I know what that's like. Darn skin!! :) I used baby oil in his hair after Head & Shoulders and after a few times, gently lifted his hair (piece by piece) and picked the scales off. Don't worry about her face, it's just a phase and will pass eventually but perhaps not entirely.