Saturday, April 10, 2010

march and april.

Updates from me have been few and far between lately I guess. Genevieve is doing wonderful. She went a week ago and had her ears cleaned out. Her ENT again praised me on how well we take care of her and managing her skin. He always gives me a good boost of confidence when I'm feeling low about her EHK. And the appointment always comes around right when I need it. Recently, I've been thinking about maybe calling her physical therapist to set up a single session to have her help me figure out a way to help Genevieve with her standing and sitting. She still cannot go from laying down to sitting without assistance. You have to help her. And she doesn't pull herself up on anything. I'm not too concerned, but considering she is walking along the furniture like a pro, I know walking without assistance is right around the corner. Another problem we are having is when she's standing, she is too afraid to sit down. If she happens to fall down on her butt, in the same motion as she would to sit down, she screams like crazy. If you even help her sit down, she screams too. I've been working with her for a long time to try and help her with those few things and we just can't get it worked out with one another. However, yesterday she was supposed to be going down for a nap and i heard her whimper a little so I peeked my head in her room and she was standing on her toddler bed! Just about gave me a heart attack. Considering she can't sit herself up and has never pulled up on anything... to do both in the same sequence for the first time AND do it on her toddler bed while holding onto the flimsy toddler railing. Ive decided to watch her closely and see if she shows signs of being able to do it. If she figures it out I will switch her crib back to crib form, just for safety for now. You may be asking "if she can't do this stuff, why did she switch her to a toddler bed already?"... well I did it in hopes of progressing her development. I have been working with her showing her how to slide off her bed on her tummy to a standing position.

I started school this week. Finally after almost 8 years of being out of High School, I decided to go back. It was one of my handful resolutions for this year. I got a new laptop and told myself I could only buy a new laptop if I went back to school and used it for school. So I bought the laptop beginning of March, figured out school and everything and started April 5th! I am going for my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education with a Special Needs Specialization. I am also thinking about adding a second specialization of Child and Family studies to it. When finished, I'd like to find a job at a hospital and work with special needs children who are admitted and also with their families. If I continue full time my expected graduation date is March 2012. I am doing my program completely online, so I still have the ability to be home with Genevieve and work with her. My first week went very smoothly. I'm proud of how well I managed my time with Genevieve and school work and also with cleaning the apartment and everything else. Especially since Andy worked late all week.

We had a very nice Easter. Genevieve fingerpainted Easter eggs and made some Easter Baskets for her Grandmas. In her own Easter basket she got a new my little pony, a big thing of bubbles, a pool floaty for this summer, a new blanket and some goldfish crackers.

I will hopefully update again soon, sorry for the long delays between posts!

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  1. That's fantastic how well she is progressing!! I know what you're going through, you probably don't remember me saying that Ethan was that way too. It's hard to be patient but it'll be ok, I promise. Ethan is now tackling, rolling, jumping (with both feet off the ground) & running around like a nut. Soon, it'll just click for her and hopefully it will be soon (mostly for your sake). :) - gotta love those EHK babies!! And good for you! - going back to school after that long takes guts!! Keep it up!!