Thursday, August 6, 2009

appointments, appointments, appointments.

Let me go back to the beginning of the week. On Monday while Viv was taking a nap on my lap, I noticed that there was a thin layer of dry blood inside her ear and along the edge of her cheek, so I laid her down and went and got a qtip wet and gently cleaned it off. She slept through it, and a half hour later I noticed it was bloody again. So I cleaned it again and tried to watch to see where it was coming from and couldnt figure it out. So I immediately called the doctor and made an appt for that day. Turns out we need to make her ear cleaning appts closer together. Her left ear was completely clogged with skin and wax and she had been pulling on it and sticking her fingers in it for a few days at that point. Apparently she scratched her inner ear with her nail, and thats what was bleeding :( poor little girl. her pediatrician cleaned out her ear a bit and said that if she starts pulling and sticking fingers in it again to call and get her ENT appt sooner (it's at the end of September).

We had our neurology appt yesterday morning. Genevieve checked out great. The only concern was that she doesnt have much muscle in her legs. We've been told to keep up with physical therapy... and try to put more weight on her legs by doing things like her jumperoo. And physical therapy yesterday went great as all. She's doing great with sitting up :)

I contacted our insurance today. They are still making a decision about our Mayo Clinic appointment. I'm remaining hopeful that they approve our request and will pay for our Mayo Clinic appointment. If not, we will have to cancel. We cant afford to pay for it all. :(

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