Monday, August 3, 2009

Well it's been a while. My mind draws a blank as to what I've been so busy doing. Genevieve is doing great. I cant believe shes 5 days shy of 6 months old. Seriously where has the time gone? Before I know it she will be a year old. Must capture more memories on camera.

We have a very busy month and a half ahead of us. So busy that I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. I believe at last count we have 14 appointments in the next month and a half. Including quite a few pretty big appointments. We see the neurologist on Wednesday. We have our appointment at the Mayo Clinic at the end of the month. We see our regular derm again. And we have our genetics screening in this month and a half too. Lots of time that Andy has to take off work to go to these new appointments, and somehow it's supposed to be ok for him to go out of town. We just cannot afford for him to take any more time off work, and we have things every weekend too... so he doesnt have much time to make up these hours that we cannot afford to lose. But nomatter how many times I explain it to him, he just doesnt "get it".. or better put, he just doesnt understand. So thanks, lets add more stress when it comes time to pay bills and we dont have the money. Anyways. Due to this, I will most likely be cancelling some of these *big* appointments so he can go out of town and i wont have to worry about time he has to take off for these appointments. UGH.

Anyways. Happier times. Genevieve is still doing amazing. She can pretty much sit up on her own now. And she is back to eating solids. She had a little bump with apples (she developed a small rash on her cheek)... so we put solids on hold for a bit, but before apples she tried carrots, sweet potatoes, and pears. She has now added "na-na's" to the list... and i must say, she loves them (but what kid doesnt love bananas?). She has learned to go "mmmmmmmm" after many weeks of me saying it for her when she would eat... and also in attempting to help her learn to say "mama" haha. She sucks on her top lip. And sucks on the corner of her bottom lip. Its really quite cute. She's also started to "hug". We've also gotten to hear a few actual laughs out of her... where before it was as if they got stuck haha.

So the next month and a half is busy busy for us all. We have those major appointments for Genevieve (plus weekly physical therapy appts and a 6 month check up with her ped). We have a wedding for a friend of Andys. We have my cousins wedding. We have a bridal shower. A baby shower for another cousin of mine. Andy's brother has a car cruise and car show going on down in Northfield. I guess after looking at my calendar its a busy next 2 months (august and september)... the last half of september we have 2 appts each week. Oh man. Oh!! And the most exciting thing of the next month... I have planned a together for us to meet the other families in Minnesota with Genevieve's skin disease!! All but one family (we know 4 other families in MN with EHK) have confirmed being able to show up. So it will be an amazing day. We are meeting at the MN Zoo so the kids can have some fun, and there is both indoor and outdoor stuff (in case of weather).

Cute story about Genevieve... Andy, Viv and myself ventured to Babies R Us over the weekend to buy a baby gift for my cousins shower, I'd love to say what it is but I'm not sure if she reads this lol... we got home, and I showed Genevieve and she totally stole it. She started hugging it and didnt want to let go. It was the last one at that store, so today I had to go on an adventure to the other Babies R Us stores nearby to try and find another one for my cousin. lol.

I'll get some updated pictures soon, but here's one for now :)

She was enjoying her "na-na's"

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