Saturday, March 28, 2009

so many new posts from me! i decided to take even more pictures of Genevieve today... what can I say? I'm addicted to the camera... kind of hard not to be with her. I am in aw of how great her skin is looking since we've stopped wrapping her. On average its usually just her feet, ankles and one other part of her body that has wrapping on it (and its usually just a thin strip of bandage). Im excited for her dermatologist appointment on Tuesday, I expect to get a lot of helpful advice and knowledge from the new derm.

She gave me her first real smile and giggle today, and I swear I fell in love all over again. She teased me the rest of the day with it too! Little stinker. While taking pictures, she actually gave me a little one but kept her eyes closed and then peeked one eye open after she heard the camera click.

She's also a little chatterbox, but only when dad isnt around. He thinks I'm hearing things, because he never hears her. One of these days I'll make a video of it.

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