Monday, March 16, 2009

Yesterday Genevieve's skin broke out in sores really bad. She was looking so good, and then when we took her bandages off last night to give her a bath, she had skin peeling everywhere. It's been rather upsetting. After her bath she was kicking her legs alot from being fussy and she ripped skin off her heal, about a half dollar size and itis the reddest spot ive seen on her since she was born. And I know its hurting her because every time that spot is bumped in any sort of way, she starts screaming. :(

We are meeting up with one of the women Ive been in contact with who has EHK on Saturday. We are super excited. We will also be able to see her 5 year old son who has it. Shes going to bring pictures of her son from when he was Genevieve's age and look at Viv's skin and offer any advice she can.

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