Wednesday, June 10, 2009

4 month check up.

So we just got home from Genevieve's 4 month check up. She is up to 13 pounds 3 ounces, and 25 inches long. That puts her in the 80 percentile for length!! Geez lady! haha. She'll take after her daddy, definitly (daddy is 6'1. i'm a short 5'2 haha)! Her ears look great. Everything looks good for the most part. I spoke my concern with her ENT doctor to her pediatrician and she gave us a new referral to try out. I also have to call and make an appt with a pediatrics optomitrist. We've noticed recently that her left eye 'squints'. It's not as alert and bright as the right eye. She has also had major brownish-orange eye boogers for as long as I can remember... she has eye drops for it, but I'll be honest, I've never used them. The eye boogers come and go, so I've never found a huge need for the drops. Her pediatrician is concerned about her eyes though, not just because my family has history of eye problems, but also with her skin disease. She is worried about sloughing of the skin around the eye. Genevieve's eyes often tend to swell on the top lid or just underneath the eye. So I'll call and make that appt either today or tomorrow for next week. She was also given a prescription for prilosec for her reflux, however I guess our insurance doesnt cover it. So I have to wait a few days and then call the pharmacy, they are going to call our insurance and get it all figured out and if they still wont cover it, her pediatrician will pick a different reflux med for her. So now for prescriptions she has eye drops (even tho i dont use them), albuteral through a nebulizer, yeast cream, a strong anti biotic ointment, regular regimen of Tylenol, and soon to be reflux meds. And there is discussion of tubes for her ears at some point as well.

Today was the worst her pediatrician has ever seen her skin. She's never seen her body fully wrapped. It's always been legs and maybe an arm. But today, both legs, and her chest/torso/trunk are wrapped. I feel we are moving backwards with her skin lately. And theres nothing that has changed to be making her skin break out so bad. I dont know what it is. =/

As of recently, it's been decided by me and andy that I need to start taking my zoloft that was prescribed for me while I was pregnant. I took it for a little while I was pregnant and it always gave me a 'high' feeling and I hated it. I have a history of depression from my teenage years and it was a concern about post partum depression. When Viv was born I was on such an "emotional" high that I didnt have time to really settle down and let her skin problems sink in. Well now that things have slowed down, everything is closing in. And it's causing a lot of stress, and fighting between andy and I. We will not fight in front of Viv. But she can tell things are not good. Ive noticed the change in her eating. I've noticed the change in her sleeping. So I will try the zoloft again. Hopefully it helps with this 'funk' im stuck in.

We tried out Genevieve's jumperoo last night. Oh man. Haha. She screamed bloody murder putting her in it. It took about 2 minutes of praising her for her to stop crying and then she just stood there in it. haha. She didnt know what to think or do. So I showed her how to play with one of the toys and she kept playing with it and watching the lights on the front. It will take some time but I'm hoping she will like it. She has such great leg strength that I really think she will like bouncing in it. Her little arms barely reach over the top of the seat part of it though haha.

I just put Genevieve down for a nap. So I think I am going to go take on the same idea and curl up with my puppy for a cat nap. Thanks for all the support, I really do appreciate it.

Edit: I meant to add this before.. her next appointments...
Pediatrician: July 10th (to check on her development again) and then August 10th (6 month checkup)
Derm: June 30th
ENT: September 10th
Physical Therapy: June 17th, 24th and July 1st. (maybe one before then as well if a spot opens up in her schedule)


  1. She looks just like her mommy!

  2. Hi! This is Ashlee (bubbleheadswife) from BBC and Genevieve has been nominated to be our featured baby! We would love to post her story with photos on the Sticky thread as well as make her the group icon for one week. The two of you have been through so much! If you are interested, please email me at
    I will give you more info at that time.