Wednesday, June 17, 2009

where does the time go? where do the days go? Oh that's right.. to doctors appointments. at least this week. Monday we saw her pediatrician. Tuesday ears, nose and throat. Wednesday (today) physical therapy. Thursday dermatologist. I am exhausted and overwhelmed with appointments. only typical since tomorrow is thursday and i've already realized thursdays are my emotional breakdown day with all of it.

Physical therapy went great today. Her PT said theres a huge improvement in her neck strength. Still wont pick her head up up off the ground during tummy time, but all around neck/head control while sitting up has improved a great deal.

ENT went well as well. I like this new ENT doctor a lot more than the last. He was nicer to all of us, and his nurse was the sweetest to Genevieve.

I'm nervous for our derm appt tomorrow. It got pushed sooner than the 30th because her derm is concerned about a possible infection. We feel we are moving backwards with Viv's skin recently. She is breaking out with sores really bad in areas we have never seen sores on her (besides in the hospital). And her hands are blistering now (they never did before). So her derm will check out her skin and send in a few swabs to find out if there is an underlying infection somewhere.

I guess that's about it. I know I said Id post picture after the last post, and never did. But I will tonight some time. For now, I need a serious nap.

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  1. Hi Anna,
    I found your blog today, and am glad I did. You write so well and it seems like you are handling things amazingly. Genevieve is lucky to have you as her mommy & I'm so glad that she's got some good docs now!