Monday, June 15, 2009

Well we can now add ear drops and amoxicillan to Genevieve's list of medications. Somehow she ruptured her ear drum. Andy woke me up this morning and told me to look at her ear... there was orangish green drainage all over and you couldnt see into her ear. I immediately called and got her into her pediatrician. We have to see an ears, nose and throat doctor again... but her ped was nice enough to give us another referral since I hated the last ENT doctor. She also really wants us to get into the ped's eye doctor because of swelling around Viv's eyes that hasn't gone away. She's concerned that the skin on the inside of her eyelids may be sloughing due to the skin disease. We also see her Ped again in 10 days as well as the appt on the 10th of July with her still. Will we ever get a break from problems and doctors appts? I'm starting to think we wont.

She hasnt been sleeping well lately for some reason. I blamed it on our move to the new apt, but I'm starting to think something else may be going on. She's only napping for about 15 minutes a day. Everyone keeps making comments about how she must be sleeping so well at night then... from exhaustion. But NOPE! my child is back to waking up 2-3 times a night.

I also had to call and pass a message onto her dermatologist asking if there is anything else, besides trauma, that can cause her skin to blister and slough off. I definitely feel as though we are moving backwards with her skin lately. Today we have both her legs completely bandaged and her trunk is bandaged. She has huge sores on her back again as well as her butt and legs. Her arms have tiny sores that we are just choosing not to bandage. She's almost completely wrapped again :( we havent seen sores (until the last week) on her back, since she was in the hospital. Her arms havent even really had sores in about 2 months. Nothing has changed though. We dont hold her any different. She's not moving much more than usual. I dont have any idea what it could be causing the new sores.

On a brighter note, I received a comment to another post of mine about Genevieve being nominated to the a featured baby on my babycenter birth board. That brightened my day. I'm not sure what it entails really but I'll find out soon. haha. Just to know that people think about us, made me smile. Those ladies (on my February 2009 birth board) have been so supportive and helpful through my pregnancy and since Viv has been born, I honestly don't know what I would do without them right now. So thank you, I know a lot of you check on us through my blog. :)

Fathers Day is this coming up weekend. I keep bugging Andy to try and get his family together at our apartments for a BBQ. Hopefully he listens to me. haha. I think on Saturday we are going to the Back to the 50's carshow at the fair grounds. I have no idea really. I left it up to him as to what he wants to do this weekend. He already got part of his gift, and with Genevieve being so fussy I cant really finish the other one yet haha.

And speaking of fussy... I must get going. I plan to post some pictures tonight so check back. :)

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