Monday, June 22, 2009

Test results are in!

Genevieve's dermatologist called us today. She has moderate growth of a staph infection. She asked how Genevieve seems to be feeling, and since she seems to be feeling better she told us to just keep using the anti-biotic ointment she prescribed her. If she appears to not feel well again, or breaks out horribly again we are to immediately call her. Otherwise we see her again on the 30th.

Genevieve has been a dream today. She smiled through her bandage change this morning even. She played on her floor gym for about a hour. Read some Dr. Suess with the puppy too. We laid on the floor this afternoon and did her physical therapy exercises, and she sat in her bumbo! That means her legs are starting to roll back in like they should be! She's now totally wiped out from the exercises and asleep in her swing.

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  1. Love those photos! How could a baby that sweet have a staph infection? Not cool.