Monday, June 8, 2009

picture overload.

Oh what a bad day. At this moment, I am sitting here listening to a blood curdling cry out of my little girl. Andy is doing her bandages. It's been a rough few days for her little feet. For some reason the blisters are never ending. Today a blister popped on one foot and had so much wound fluid that it soaked through her bandages and through her sleeper. the other foot she had a bad blister between her toes and on the bottom of one toe. We are still waiting for her neck to heal up with rawness. Good days and bad days there. Her armpits are still pretty raw as well. The only problem we have with her arms is they tend to dry out really fast and crack and then will bleed. It was just discovered that she has two HUGE (like half dollar size) spots on her back where the skin has peeled off and is raw. Poor little girl. I did take new pictures of her skin tonight, I'll attach them at the bottom.

As for an update since the last time I wrote. Genevieve has been diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease, and from my understanding it is much like asthma. She gets albuteral through a nebulizer every 4 hours or so. She also gets eyedrops 3 times a day for some nasty eye boogers shes had recently (like brownish-orange eye boogers). She is now in physical therapy. For a bit she didnt seem like she was able to turn her head to the right. She has PT every week for now. She really seems to enjoy PT. She laughs and smiles and talks to her physical therapist and never fusses. She was also seen by an ears, nose and throat doctor for her reactive airway disease and also for some fluid in one ear. She has to be seen by the ENT doctor every 3 months to have her ears cleaned out. This doctor is a whole 'nother story from her PT. He has one more chance and if he talks to me the same way as before then we will be finding a new doctor. He spoke to me like I was an idiot. He spoke to Andy like a doctor should. But anytime I asked a question or spoke, he looked at me like I was an idiot and wasting his time. This had to of been the hardest appt for me to go to. She screamed bloody murder the whole time. And seeing him stick a flashlight dealy up her nose and then the after sores on her forehead (from him holding her head so hard to clean her ears) just broke my heart. I am not looking forward to that next appt. :(

She has her 4 month check up on Wednesday. I'm excited to see what she's at for weight and height. I'm estimating at least 13 pounds. We will see though! I'll update then.

her poor little foot tonight...

other foot...

her chest and arms (after her legs were wrapped already)

her little hand (and her beautiful blue eye haha)

this is her "mama help me, i dont like this" face... i see it everytime i calm her down when she's screaming during bandages...

and we will end with a happy picture of Genevieve...

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  1. oh poor baby! hopefully thigs will start to get better for her soon! keep staying strong!